Where can I find the guide for making kombucha tea?

See: How to make kombucha tea guide.

What supplies do i need for making kombucha tea?

Most of the items you need could easily be found in your kitchen. You will need sugar, tea, a glass container as brewing vessel, scoby and starter liquid.

Is there a specific type of sugar? What type of tea?

Plain white cane sugar is a good choice for brewing kombucha tea. Choice of organic or non organic sugar is entirely up to you. In case you are wondering, artificial sweetener will not work. It does not contain the nutrients needed for your kombucha scoby.

Brewing kombucha requires real tea(camellia sinensis), so if you are just starting out we recommend plain black tea. (example: english breakfast tea, ceylon tea)  Again, organic or not, the choice is always yours. 


How long should i brew my kombucha?

Kombucha can be brewed from 7 - 14 days. A short brew will give you slightly sweet, slightly sour kombucha. A longer brewing time would give you a bold vinegary flavour.

Can i use plastic container as brewing vessel?

We find that glass is one of the best options for fermenting because it doesn't scratch easily and is relatively inexpensive. Plastic can scratch and might harbor foreign bacteria, which can potentially harm your kombucha culture.


Where do i get starter liquid and why is it necessary?

All our live kombucha scoby comes with strong starter liquid to start your first kombucha brew easily. The purpose of the starter liquid is to lower the PH of the sweet tea to prevent growth of mold and harmful bacteria. It's especially important before your new culture grows on top of the liquid to prevent any airborne contaminants. You then use a cup of your finished kombucha brew to start off your next batch and so on.