Where can I find the guide for making water kefir?


See: How to make water kefir guide.




What supplies do i need for making milk kefir?


You will need sugar, water, a glass container as culturing vessel and water kefir grains.




What type/kind of sugar can i use to make water kefir?


- Brown Sugar

- Raw cane sugar

- Sucanat

- Cane Sugar

- Organic or not, it's your choice.

You can experiment with different types of sugar, as no sugar contains all the vitamin and mineral, so it's good to switch up as and when your kefir grains tells you they need something new.


Remarks: Agave, stevia do not have the food that your water kefir needs, so we DO NOT recommend these for making water kefir.




Does it matter the water you use?


Water kefir generally prefers mineralized water. If you are using tap water, to remove the chlorine in the water, let your boiled water sit out for 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate. 




How long does it take to make water kefir?


Water Kefir generally takes 24 - 48 hours to culture.




What are the signs that my kefir grains are making water kefir?


You will start to notice air bubbles forming, and it becomes mildly sweet-sour. If you are expecting a sour and bubbly drink, this is not the case for water kefir until the second ferment. If you bottle finished water kefir in a tightly sealed bottle for a day or two, it will greatly increase in carbonation and becomes even less sweet. 




Can i use plastic container as brewing vessel?


We find that glass is one of the best options for fermenting because it doesn't scratch easily and is relatively inexpensive. Plastic can scratch and might harbor foreign bacteria, which can potentially harm your water kefir grains.




Do i need to clean/wash the kefir grains? 


No. You do not need to rinse the water kefir grains.




How long can i store finished water kefir in the fridge? 


up to 2 weeks.




There are a bunch of floating things in my water kefir, is that normal? 


Water kefir tends to get sediments, yeast build up and floaties in it over time. This is perfectly normal. Some people like to give it a rinse once in a while. Simply run them under flowing water or swish them around in  a bowl of clean water.