Where can I find the guide for making milk kefir?

See: How to make milk kefir guide.

What supplies do i need for making milk kefir?

You will need fresh milk, a glass container as culturing vessel and milk kefir grains.

What type/kind of milk can i use to make milk kefir?

If you are just starting out we recommend fresh cow's milk. However, If you would like to try goat's milk, the brewing method is the same, but it might take a few batches for your grains to adjust after you change the type of milk used. Choice of organic or non organic milk / full fat or semi fat milk is entirely up to you. We do not recommend using skimmed milk to make milk kefir, as we found the kefir cultured to be thin and watery, not the best. 


Can i use powdered milk to make milk kefir?

Powdered milk are highly processed and may not perform well. However if you have extra grains, you could certainly give it a shot. 

How long does it take to make milk kefir?

Milk Kefir generally takes 18 - 24 hours to culture.

What are the signs that my kefir grains are making milk kefir?

After 16 hours you will start to notice the thickening of the milk and air bubbles forming. Around the 24 hour mark, finished milk kefir will be a thick yet pour-able consistency like bean curd  or butter milk.

Can i use plastic container as brewing vessel?

We find that glass is one of the best options for fermenting because it doesn't scratch easily and is relatively inexpensive. Plastic can scratch and might harbor foreign bacteria, which can potentially harm your milk kefir grains.

Do i need to clean/wash the kefir grains? 


No. You do not need to rinse the milk kefir grains.

How long can i store finished milk kefir in the fridge? 


Up to 2 weeks.

What does finished milk kefir taste like? 


Milk kefir has a distinctive taste and some people might find it too sour / tart. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for our palate to adjust to new flavours. You could try adding something to flavour it. Some suggestions would be to add or blend with honey, fruits, juice, yakult, cocoa powder.