Where can I find the guide for making milk kefir?

See: How to make milk kefir guide.


My milk kefir grains is making milk kefir too quickly and is very sour. How can i slow it down?

Every time you make milk kefir, the grains will multiply. It is possible you now have too many kefir grains. It is very important to regularly remove grains otherwise the kefir grains will ferment the kefir too quickly, resulting in very sour milk kefir. To slow down production, use a smaller amount of grains, even a single kefir grain will successfully make probiotic rich milk kefir.


I left my kefir culturing for too long. My kefir has separated into a liquid at the bottom and curds on the top. What should i do and can i still consume the milk kefir?

Kefir will separate if over cultured. Try and avoid letting the kefir getting this separated if you can as it can mean that the grains have no food left. Just give it a good shake/stir and sieve per normal. You may find that you have to keep pouring the liquid that has gone through the sieve back through to keep softening the curds but eventually the curds will break down and you will be left with just the grains in the seive. The kefir is safe to drink but may taste VERY sour. 

How long does milk kefir grains last?

MIlk kefir grains can last indefinitely and used repeatedly if well taken are of. 

I want to take a break from making milk kefir. What should i do?

It's easy. All you have to do is prepare the usual fresh milk and put your milk kefir grains in. Cover and store in fridge until ready to resume. When ready to restart, remove kefir grains and place in a fresh batch of milk. It might take a longer time for the kefir grains to make milk kefir.


Cold temperature slows the kefir grains down and put them into a state of hibernation.  We do not recommend refrigerating the grains regularly as it might make the kefir grains less efficient. 

How do i prevent mold?

The likelihood of encountering mold is very very low. Once mold has developed, you should throw away the whole batch including your grains. Clean and sanitize/sterilize all equipment and start over with a new set of kefir grains.