Where can I find the guide for making water kefir?

See: How to make water kefir guide.

Why is my water kefir not fizzy / bubbly?

Carbonation usually occurs on second fermentation. Once culturing is complete (first ferment), bottle finished water kefir with your choice fruits / flavor / little bit of sugar for a day or two in a tightly sealed bottle, to allow carbonation to build. 


My kefir grains are floating / Why aren't my kefir grains floating?

When the sugar are processed by the grains, it creates gas and sometimes the grains will float. If your grains are not floating, it's perfectly fine too. Some grains are more dense and remains on the ground.

How long does water kefir grains last?

Water kefir grains can last indefinitely and used repeatedly if well taken are of. 

I want to take a break from making water kefir. What should i do?

It's easy. All you have to do is prepare the usual sugar water and put your water kefir grains in. Cover and store in fridge until ready to resume. When ready to restart, remove kefir grains and place in a fresh batch of sugar water. They typically revive quite well coming out of the fridge.


Cold temperature slows the kefir grains down and put them into a state of hibernation.  We do not recommend refrigerating the grains regularly as it might make the kefir grains sluggish, and will take a couple of batches to go back to their old selves. 

How do i know if my water kefir grains are healthy?

Kefir grains are surprisingly resilient, and will keep at maintaining their health and vitality. As long as they are converting sugar water to water kefir that is pleasant in taste and smell, they are just fine. Depending on the types of sugar used, they range from clear to opaque brown color. 

I left my water kefir culturing for more than 3 days. What should i do? Are they dead?

Strain out the kefir grains and put in a fresh batch of sugar water. They may be extra hungry at this point and eat through the sugar water quickly, do keep an eye on them and taste test. It may take several batches before the grains behave normal again, if it's has been neglected longer than a week. 

Should i cover my water kefir with a lid or use a cloth cover?

Some people prefer to ferment with the lid on, some use a cloth to prevent carbonation build up and exploding jar. We have not seen much difference in either method. It's really your choice.