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5 Mins Breakfast - Strawberry Milk Kefir Recipe

So yummy, so delicious and it takes a short 5 mins to make! We believe breakfast should be nutritious and be quick to put together. You can be as creative as you wish with this bowl. Instead of 1 fruit, create your own with as many different types of fruits, seasonal or those that are available year round - apples, grapes, oranges, as you like. The sky is the limit!

So Versatile. My family loves it. Thank you! – Jie Xin



  • 1 cup plain milk kefir

  • 5 fresh strawberry (or any choice fruits)

  • 1 spoon raw honey

  • ¼ cup seeds, nuts, granola (optional)


  1. Prepare a cup plain milk kefir - See our " how to make milk kefir guide "

  2. Wash and slice strawberry

  3. Pour plain milk kefir into a bowl.

  4. Add strawberry.

  5. Drizzle raw honey and top up with seeds, nuts, granola, if desired.

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