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The Probiotics Kitchen is a probiotic starter cultures supply company, founded by 2 sisters in Singapore. We believe in the power of nature to bring results you can see and feel, and it should be accessible and shared with all.

As lifelong dog lovers, we wanted our company to incorporate our passion for dog rescue, so $1 from every sale is dedicated to dog shelters and rescue. 

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After an extensive bout of anti-biotic prescription, to control my skin flare-ups,  i was left with poor digestion and frequent bloating. My skin did not show much improvement too. Double whammy you might say. 

I decided to do my own research and discovered food can be medicine. l also learned that there is a correlation between gut health and skin health.  In 2016, I started drinking milk kefir, little by little i got better, my flare-ups significantly decreased.

Probiotic is not a miracle, but i truly believe incorporating more probiotic into our diet can improve our health and wellness considerably. 

PS: Did i mention how my dogs' tails go all helicopter when i bring out the milk kefir. They love it!! 



Growing up very active and representing my school in ball tournaments meant that i train for very long hours. When i was younger it did not affect me much physically,  Now that i am "maturing", i can see that all the jumping, twisting, the landing did some damage to my knees.  My knees can sense the turn of the weather faster than the local weather broadcast. *grin*

It did not take much persuading from my sister before i started drinking milk kefir.  It did take some getting used to, i must say. Lo and behold, the pain in my knees dissipated.  When i went exploring the world for weeks, without my milk kefir, the pain returns. I am a convert!  


We hope you will join us on this journey. Cheers!

PS: My sister is crazy about water kefir, but I'm a milk kefir person. What's yours? 


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