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SGD 12.90
Quantity: 1 piece
Our most versatile ferment cover yet!

Not only do these lovely covers fit most glass jars, it is so easy to pop on and off. No more fiddling or searching for the elusive elastic bands. Plus our covers does a fabulous job protecting your prized ferments and is so pretty to look at.

Perfect for most starter cultures - Kombucha, Water kefir, Milk kefir, Sourdough starter and a sure conversation starter.!
Pattern Choices:
- Blue with white polka dots
- Black with white polka dots
- Turquoise and cream strips
- Navy blue and white strips
- Lemony yellow with owl prints
​Material: 100% Cotton. Made in Singapore.

Size: Sized to fit jar with a mouth between 8cm to 13cm in diameter.

Care: Machine wash Or Lovingly hand wash. Air dry.

Diameter for reference:
regular / wide mouth mason jar:  7cm / 8.6cm
probiotics kitchen's jar: 9.5cm
Ikea's jar with tap: 12.5cm
1 gallon jar: 10.2cm

It's on us. To your mailbox.
For each product purchased, you are donating $1 to a dog shelter.
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