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SGD 65.00
Quantity: 7 Assorted Packs (300g each)
( Mainland Singapore Delivery Included )
We are strong advocates for dog rescue and adoption and our rescues (aka mutts) are the inspiration and motivator behind this endeavor.

Poor diet, lack of food and less than desirable living condition as street dogs plagued some with recurring skin conditions, joints pain, tummy issues, ill health and so on. Maybe its genetics that predisposed a handful to irksome ailments. Sadly, pure breeds are not spared.

Having benefited remarkably from consuming kefir, we thought it might help our dogs as well. Lo and behold, in less than a month balding patches filled up, stomach upset stopped, chronic infection showed signs of letting up. Probiotics is truly a wonderful and miraculous natural remedy.

We want the same for your beloved pets; to experience total health transformation and to live carefree and healthy lives.! Come join us in this journey.

What's in it:

Milk Kefir

3 x pack ( original )
2 x pack ( peanut butter )
2 x pack ( strawberry )

Ingredients: live milk kefir cultures + fresh milk + flavors ( peanut butter/strawberry )
Feeding Guide:
Milk Kefir is good as an occasionally treat and best incorporated into daily meal. Can be consumed both frozen and thawed.
Itsy Bitsy Dog ( under 10kg ) 1 to 2 cubes per day
Medium Dog ( 10kg - 20kg ) 2 to 4 cubes per day
Chonky Dog ( above 20kg ) 4 to 8 cubes per day
Slow and steady wins the race. Start with 1/4 of the recommended portion and increase gradually.
Keep in freezer up to 3 months.

It's on us.
For each product purchased, you are donating $1 to a dog shelter.
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