SGD 59.00
Quantity: 500ml x 6 bottles
Probiotics drinks made by fermented food lover, about time, right!?  Armed with a big dose of affection, enthusiasm and respect for our life-giving cultures. Our bundle combines three beverages created from our best selling cultures - milk kefir, water kefir and kombucha.

If you can't decide what is your favorite cultured drink then this is for you! All packed full of immune-supporting goodness - probiotics, nutrients, vitamins, antioxidant and much more.

What's in it:

Creamy Milk Kefir I 2 x 500ml bottle
milk kefir ( live milk kefir cultures fermented in fresh wholesome milk )

Zesty Lemonade Water Kefir I 2 x 500ml bottle
water kefir ( live water kefir cultures fermented with filtered water + organic cane sugar ) ,fresh lemon juice, himalayan pink salt

Signature Sparkling Kombucha Tea I 2 x 500ml Bottle
kombucha tea ( live kombucha cultures fermented with filtered water + our very own signature tea blend + organic cane sugar )

Ready to drink straight up.
Add or blend with favorite fruits, juices.
Bottled fresh. Good up to 10 days, chilled.

Made to Order.
Deliveries on Saturday / Sunday to your doorstep.


It's on us.
For each product purchased, you are donating $1 to a dog shelter.