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SGD 59
Quantity: 150 grams (10 servings)
Our tea is a marriage of Alishan (阿里山) high mountain oolong tea and Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) premium black tea. This blend delivers a highly aromatic kombucha with a flowery and fruity finish. Downright tasty and refreshing on it's own and a perfect base for a second ferment. Ohhh..! so delicious.

This custom blend is also the base for all our Kombucha starter cultures and Kombucha starter kit.

Ingredients: Loose leaf tea. A blend of Oolong Tea and Black Tea.

Size Options:
i. 150grams Loose
ii. 10 x  teabags of 15grams each. Each teabag is sufficient to make one batch of up to 4L kombucha tea.

Brewing Instructions:
100 °C


5 minutes

1 teabag / 15 grams loose leaf tea
Our tea are good for 1 to 2 re-steeps after the original brew. To re-steep for second and third round, pour freshly boiled water into brew vessel and allow to steep for 5 to 7 mins.

Wait. Don't just throw away the teabags! The corn fiber teabag is fully biodegradable. Simply toss the used bags into compost bin or garden for additional nutrients to the soil.

Keppel Bay, Singapore

"I couldn't replicate the taste or scent after the first batch. Turns out the key was the tea that came with the starter kit i purchased. The blend makes really good kombucha. Thanks for sharing!!  ."

Seah Maggie.
Punggol Field, Singapore

"Thank you so much. So happy to receive it. Yums!!!. "

It's on us.
For each product purchased, you are donating $1 to a dog shelter.
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